Your truck’s suspension was designed as a compromise between capacity and comfort. So when you haul heavy loads or pull a trailer, the rear springs can be pushed to their limit resulting in excessive bounce, sagging ride height, and an overall feeling of instability. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. With the simple addition of a Standen’s air suspension kit, you can eliminate overtaxing your suspension by providing the extra support of an inflated air spring, resulting in a level stance, comfortable ride and stable handling.

Pick Up Truck - Standen's Level Load

Adjustable Air Spring Solutions for Common Tow & Haul Problems

Use the strongest air springs on the market to eliminate your vehicle’s sag, sway and bottoming out. 

Level your truck’s stance while providing added support for an overall smoother, safer ride.

To purchase Standen's LEVEL LOAD Air Spring Solutions, visit our online store or click on our catalogue to view our full range of Air Suspension products. 

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